Monday, November 23, 2015

Finally Home

It is so nice to finally be home for Thanksgiving. School has been so stressful that it is nice to be at my house relaxing. I still have some homework to do, but at least I am not doing homework nonstop all day like I was at school. Here at home, I can do things with hour long breaks and not feel guilty about taking them.

This Thanksgiving will be hard since it is the first true family holiday without my uncle. He is still missed very much. My family has their moments where it hits us, but I am trying to stay the strong one.

I am taking my grandpa out to get material to reload bullets. I have been wanting to learn how to and my grandpa has a reloading machine. It might be an all day process depending on how many breaks we may take, but I am spending time with my grandpa and helping him through this time. I have already gone out shopping with my grandma and laughed a ton. I always love hanging out with my grandparents.

I still have some worrying to do though over break. The ONU marching band is over in London, England now and soon also Dublin, Ireland. With everything that happened in Paris lately, it is nerve racking what is going on over in Europe. My boyfriend and many friends are in the band. However, I have heard some from some of them, and they seem to be having a great time.

I cannot wait to stuff my face with Thanksgiving feast and to just spend time with family!


Friday, November 20th, I went to my first Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) luncheon. Well, it was actually a breakfast event. I went down to Toledo for Northwest Ohio PRSA and listened to three keynote speakers. M.J. Clark talked about leadership, Lindsay M. Komlanc talked about strategy and sanity and Jared Wadley talked about social media and branding. I gained much new knowledge from their presentations. I know that I can use from what they said for school and once I enter the workforce.

I cannot wait to go to more PRSA get together's and learn more. I also can pick up some networking which is very important in the career finding part of college.

I have gained so much in just one semester of being a member of my schools Pubic Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). I have gained much knowledge, friends and experiences. I cannot wait to see what the years to come will give me.