Monday, September 19, 2016

Shopping Weekend

I would have to say that this past week was all shopping. I mean, I think I went shopping almost every single day. The shopping that I did, however, was not what you think. I went shopping for birthday cards, cleaning products and other random things. No clothes, shoes or anything else that a young woman would love to go shopping for.

Over the weekend, though, I was able to go to two stores that were fun and exciting. One was on the way back to campus after visiting the Honda Heritage Center. Now I really do not understand that much about cars but it was fun to go there. Well on the way back to campus, there is this store that is run by an Amish family. It is all homemade goods with some other things. I like going there because I can always find fun and unique new treats to try. Another store I went to is called Cider House Farms and it is located in Marion, Ohio. It is an old house that was turned into a store that sells local goods made by people in surrounding areas. It is a little unique store that you can easily spend all your money at.

I also got to see my fiancé this weekend. He took me out for a wonderful dinner and grilled an awesome meal the next day. I know who will be doing all the cooking in the future. It is always nice seeing him on the weekends since I am still in school and he graduated last year.

One little funny thing is I found a new little friend outside my house when I got home from Marion. Here he is, I call him Leopard Slug.

As always, let's hope that next weekend is fun and relaxing!