Wednesday, November 4, 2015

How to Doodle a Cartoon Dog

I tried yet another new thing out this week. I learned how to upload a video. Not only did I learn how to, but my video is a "how to" video.

I did my video on how to doodle a cartoon dog. This is a doodle that I find myself doing in all my notebooks and anywhere else that I can draw on. I have even drawn it on a white board in the beginning of one of my classes to try and stop the teacher from giving us notes. Do not worry, when the teacher came in he laughed and said he felt bad about erasing and then said that the class must go on.

Here is the how to video. Enjoy and have fun doodling your new doodle.


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Perfect Measurement

"The only statistics you can trust are those you falsified yourself."- Winston Churchill

This is how chapter three in Measure What Matters by Katie Delahaye Paine starts. It is a very interesting way to start a chapter but that quotes defines what the whole chapter is about.

The chapters is talking about how companies should measure strategies they are doing that will improve their company. Now I agree this is an important thing to do in a company. Measuring will help you figure out if you are reaching the goal your company wants to reach.

I feel like this can relate to real life. We all want to be able to show that we have improved and reached our goals. We do this by measuring what we have learned over the years and show the proof through the accomplishments we have made through academics and normal life.

An example is if your goal is to make the Deans list, then you need to measure your grades and collect the data to see if you meet the requirements to make the list. You also have to set the goal by creating a strategy to make sure you make the list. We have to talk to teachers and make sure we are doing good in the class and understanding the material, and try to do all extra credit that could be given. We also have to study carefully to receive good grades on exams and complete all assignments on time. A great way to do this is keep tract of everything, know when deadlines are and to not procrastinate. That is very similar to a company's strategy plan to reach their goal.

Now how does that quote relate to this plan is by being okay with the results you may get and trick yourself that any result is a good one and can always improve from it.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Relaxing the Mind

I tried a new form of social media today and that was doing a podcast. I have never done one before and it was an interesting experience.

I decided to talk about how we can all relax and calm our minds. With being in college I have discovered this is an important skill to learn. These tasks that I have learned to do have really helped me with getting through junior year. I wish it did not take me this long to finally figure them out, but I am happy that I did.

I talked about how you can do different types of readings, color, exercise, watch Netflix and just to be with friends.

Hope you enjoy and get a little from it.


Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fun and Calm Week and Weekend

This week at ONU has been pretty good and surprisingly calm. Classes seemed to go by really fast, which is always a nice thing. All my exams and papers went pretty well. I got my midterm grade for my history class and was really surprised. I am actually doing way better in the class than I thought I was, and that is a happy feeling. Now since they end of the semester is coming up, more and more exams and papers are coming. I am trying to stay up beat and productive to finish the semester off strong. I am hoping that if I keep that thought in my mind, it will actually happen.

I started scheduling for next semester and I will actually have a nice "easy" schedule. It will be nice not taking 19 credit hours. I also picked up a minor! The minor is in social media and cannot wait to start classes for it.

Another exciting thing with school, in my opinion, is that through PRSSA I got a mentor in my field. The PRSSA at my school has a really unique mentor program where they pair students up with an ONU alumni. I have already talked to my mentor a few times and cannot wait till I get to met her in person! It is really nice to be able to ask someone who is in the real world and can give you advice. They are also able to help with looking over school work. I am so excited that I decided to join PRSSA.

We were both looking at different
Over the weekend, I went home for the night. There was supposed to be something going on Saturday, but it got cancelled last minute. I still went home though because it is nice to have that break from school.  I got a good meal and got caught up with everything that was going on with my family.

I cam back to school in time for the football game and Halloween. The game was at night and on Halloween. Do not worry, I did not see any goblins or ghost at the games. They all stayed away for a win for ONU. The game was cold but manageable. The rain held off till the end of the game which was nice. As always I sat with the band and enjoyed the game even more.

Today, Sunday, was Band-O-Rama. It is a concert the band puts on the features all the songs they played for halftime this year and other songs the band likes to play. I have gone to Band-O-Rama three times now and I always enjoy it. I also go to support my friends and boyfriend. This year since the band is celebrating 125 years, the show was a little more special. It is just neat to know that the band here at ONU has been around for 125 years.

This weekend was nice, fun and calm. I know school is about to get really crazy, but I am ready for it!