Saturday, November 21, 2015

Measurement for Nonprofits

In chapter 13 in Measure What Matters talks about how it is completely different to measure for nonprofits than other types of businesses. I believe that to be very true.

Nonprofit businesses rely on volunteers and donations. Some nonprofits may have very large budgets, but it all depends on how popular they are. For the small nonprofits, if they do not have as many volunteers or donations, they cannot get much done.

How do you measure then for nonprofits?

The way to measure is the increase in donations, volunteers, media coverage, trust and understanding. Those are the important factors to consider. Without those, the nonprofit would be barely scraping by. The factors are also in a loop. Without one increasing, the others would not increase. Nonprofits rely on everything they can to grow amongst their community.

We all have to realize that nonprofits are just as important as other businesses.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Paying Snapchat

This year Snapchat did something very exciting, new and cool. If you are wondering what Snapchat is, it is where you can take a picture or a ten-second video and send it to your friends. Once the friend opens the message it "goes away". It is a fun way to send funny things to friends quickly.

Snapchat though added filters to where you can make your face change. Here is one they used to have because they are always changing them.
I think they are fun and entertaining. However, now Snapchat is saying that if you have a favorite filter you can buy it and always have it with you. Now I think that is crazy. I will not be paying for the filters. Many other social media sites are doing the same thing. I am happy with just having the filters always changing and will never pay for them. I am not that attached to Snapchat.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Local Community Measures Up

Having a local community which supports the company is important. The community will have potential stakeholders in them who will exert influence over the business.

The relationship can bring positive and negative measurements. The negative measurements are when the company may hurt their customers and make them unhappy. Then in turn the community will retaliate against the company, but then the company will do something to regain their customers and make a positive relationship. Those are the positive measurements.

This is important to make the business strive for greatness. I know from personal experiences, that if the company does outreaches in the community, it leaves a good impression on the community. You almost become bias because other companies that may try to do outreaches in the community will fail because they did not do it first and are probably not as great.

The relationship between the community and a company is always important. They need to be one to become great.

Almost There

Last week until Thanksgiving Break! I am hoping this week goes by quick, but at the same time I am having a feeling that is not how it will go. If you look at my calendar, I have something due every day. There are days to which I have more than one thing due. Just alone I have four papers, three quizzes and test, and two meetings.

At least I can say that I had a relaxing weekend. It started out at the last home football game which we won! Go Bears! The game also happened to be senior night for the band and football players. I know most of the band and it was sad to see how many were seniors that I knew. My boyfriend is one of those seniors. The team and band had a really good year though and it was fun to watch. I can proudly say that I only missed one game.

Later that day my friends and I had our own Thanksgiving dinner. We all made something that us college students can make. It was a really nice dinner and fun to be with everyone just laughing. 

Sunday was relaxing but a day with grocery shopping and homework. This pretty much starts off the rest of the week. At least I already know that two of my classes got cancelled on Friday. Since they are cancelled, I get to go home a little earlier than normal.

Well, I better start liking caffeine because that might be the only thing to keep me up to finish all the homework that is due this week.