Monday, November 16, 2015

Almost There

Last week until Thanksgiving Break! I am hoping this week goes by quick, but at the same time I am having a feeling that is not how it will go. If you look at my calendar, I have something due every day. There are days to which I have more than one thing due. Just alone I have four papers, three quizzes and test, and two meetings.

At least I can say that I had a relaxing weekend. It started out at the last home football game which we won! Go Bears! The game also happened to be senior night for the band and football players. I know most of the band and it was sad to see how many were seniors that I knew. My boyfriend is one of those seniors. The team and band had a really good year though and it was fun to watch. I can proudly say that I only missed one game.

Later that day my friends and I had our own Thanksgiving dinner. We all made something that us college students can make. It was a really nice dinner and fun to be with everyone just laughing. 

Sunday was relaxing but a day with grocery shopping and homework. This pretty much starts off the rest of the week. At least I already know that two of my classes got cancelled on Friday. Since they are cancelled, I get to go home a little earlier than normal.

Well, I better start liking caffeine because that might be the only thing to keep me up to finish all the homework that is due this week. 

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  1. I hope you get everything done. I don't have too much due this week but I have a ton due after Thanksgiving so I'm going to try and get as much as I can done this week because I know I won't get much done over break. Good luck!