Monday, September 12, 2016

Fair Time!

This past week at school has been crazy. It felt like it was nonstop and go. Wanting a nap around every corner or just to sit outside and do nothing but stare at the clouds. Plus it was only the third week of school and there is still 11 more weeks of this semester.

Some good things did come from the crazy week. For one thing, my communication capstone was approved and I am very excited to start. I will be doing my capstone on the Columbus Zoo and Jack Hanna! I am also having the hope in the back of my mind that I could possibly get a job from doing this capstone. I mean, I will have to be doing research on the zoo and Jack Hanna and interview people who work there. If I could get a job doing Public Relations, Communications, or Social Media, I would be jumping over the moon.

Enough about school, how about the weekend. Besides the weird weather on Saturday, it was a beautiful weekend. I got to hang out with some friends and my fiancé. It was a relaxing weekend with still some fun. Friday and Saturday were actually the two days that were relaxing, but Sunday we went to the Hardin County Fair! 

As always we went on the day to watch the demolition derby. There is just something about watching cars crashing into each other and the possibility of fire is exciting and thrilling. The only sad thing, though, is that this year was not like the others. There were not as many heats as there have been in the past and it felt like the drivers were not trying to hit each other that hard. I know they were probably trying to be safe but the whole point of the demolition derby is to crash into each other as hard as possible to make your opponents car stall or inoperable. This year they just were not. It was sort of a letdown. It was still fun to go to the fair and eat much fair food.