Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hanging out with a Three-year-old

Sunday and yesterday, I got the honor to hang out with this awesome three-year-old. This three-year-old is my housemate's niece. She is sassy, funny, and just plain awesome!

Together, we colored, played with blocks, sing and danced, and watched Disney Jr. Even though both days I was with her was just for a couple hours, I was exhausted when she left. I think she has an Energizer-Bunny in her because she does not stop moving. 

Hanging out with an awesome three-year-old was not the only thing I did this weekend. Once again, I found myself at Waffle House with a great group of friends. While we were enjoying our delicious, we discovered Waffle House has an online store! Let's just say, we all now have wish lists of what we want from their online store. I mean, who does not want Waffle House apparel? 

I am looking forward to next weekend even more, though. Next weekend, I will be getting my engagement photos done! I am really excited and especially since my fiance's cousin is doing them. She is very talented and cannot wait. 

Also, this next weekend is homecoming at Ohio Northern University. This will be an exciting time for tailgating, football games, seeing alumni, and fun activities planned throughout campus. 

Here is to finishing this week strong so I can enjoy this weekend!