Saturday, November 21, 2015

Measurement for Nonprofits

In chapter 13 in Measure What Matters talks about how it is completely different to measure for nonprofits than other types of businesses. I believe that to be very true.

Nonprofit businesses rely on volunteers and donations. Some nonprofits may have very large budgets, but it all depends on how popular they are. For the small nonprofits, if they do not have as many volunteers or donations, they cannot get much done.

How do you measure then for nonprofits?

The way to measure is the increase in donations, volunteers, media coverage, trust and understanding. Those are the important factors to consider. Without those, the nonprofit would be barely scraping by. The factors are also in a loop. Without one increasing, the others would not increase. Nonprofits rely on everything they can to grow amongst their community.

We all have to realize that nonprofits are just as important as other businesses.

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