Monday, September 21, 2015

Rain Clouds Can't Stop Me

What people say about junior year of college being the busiest year is true. This week I probably looked like a chicken with its head cut off. I had a ton of homework to catch up on, sorority things to do, career fair and still trying to have fun in college. Well I succeeded in all of that if you do not mind me gloating for a little.

All homework done and was even able to work a day or two ahead in a couple of my classes. It also helped that a few of my professors moved the due date on a few of the assignments. The sorority things were quick and simple. Career fair was fun for being my first, and I think I may have found a company that I would really like to have an internship.

Now let's get to the fun. This weekend was one of Ada's biggest events in the town and that is Harvest and Herb Festival. It is basically a little street fair market that some locals will come and sell things they made. It could be from honey to cute little wood figures. A parade even goes through of local groups and the high school band. There was one downside that happened during the festival. Rain. It rained during the whole parade and during most of the festival time. There was also two other small hiccups. A train stopped the parade and festival and a wide load drove through. I was standing near one of the local vendor's stand when the wide load came through and he yelled, "I expect candy to be thrown from them. They stopped our festival and parade!" Yep, he was funny and I bought something from him.
No rain can stop people from
coming to the Harvest and Herb.

The beginning of the parade.
Some more of the parade.
The other half was stopped by
the train.

The train that stopped the parade
and the festival. 

Towards the end of the festival time, the sun came out, umbrellas were put away and smiles were on everyone's faces.

It was nice that the sun came out because later that Saturday night was a football night game. The game was exciting and close. We lost to Baldwin Wallace 29-28. Just one point! The Ohio Northern Marching band though put on a great show. They play a couple of blue songs and "Up Town Funk". It was fun and really enjoyable.

The next day was not as busy but still busy. I did some more homework that only took a few minutes. Afterwards I went out to eat then went a little antiquing, which was so much fun because I saw things that I have never seen before and things that I have only seen in textbooks. I was not able to take photos of the stores. Maybe if I go again I will and show you all the cool things. My boyfriend found two signs that he wanted and bought them. Here are the two signs:

This sign had a weird smell to it.
My boyfriend is really proud of this find.

It was a crazy week and weekend but I am happy it was. The rain clouds did not stop me from having a great weekend. I cannot not wait for this week.


  1. Jessica,
    It seemed like you had a really good weekend! From my experience, junior year is by far the busiest year. There is a lot on your plate this year, but it is all do-able. You'll get through it. I think it's great you and your boyfriend went antiquing. Not many people our age enjoy the hidden treasures.

  2. I agree, Junior year is definitely the busiest year. Antiquing sounds like a blast. I've never been but it definitely sounds like something I would enjoy. I'm sure your boyfriend is very proud of those finds. They're pretty cool.

  3. Jessica,

    Im glad to hear that you had a great weekend! I was really bummed about the rain too because I was looking forward to the festival! Luckily, after getting some lunch and waiting it out, the sun came out so my family and I could go shopping.