Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Power of Real-Time

"An immensely powerful competitive advantage flows to organizations with people who understand the power of real-time information" (Page 35). This is a quote from David Meerman Scott's book, Real-Time Marketing & PR.

This statement I believe is very true even today. Companies that react right away to anything are always higher appreciated among its customers. It is the company when a story comes out and can do damage towards its image, they will do everything they can to fix its image. The company will have teams dedicated to looking all over social media and the web to see if any stories come out about it at any time. They will reply right away to any emails dealing with complaints and or questions. The company truly cares about its costumers, the public and its image.

Then there are the companies that do not follow the statement up above. These companies that will ignore the media and say "No comment". Just saying those two words can make the company look horrible and make it seem like it does not care. Once it gets out the company will not talk about the story that just came out about itself. People will start making their own comments about how bad the company is. These are the companies that do not understand the power of real-time. When things start to settle down, the company will then make its statement about the story. The company reacted too late.

Scott was correct when he wrote this quote. Understanding the power of real-time is an amazing advantage over other companies who do not.

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