Monday, November 9, 2015


Customer engagement is important for any company that wants to improve. The engagement between the company's brand and customers first starts off by building the relationship. Then in return, the customer will help promote the brand and may even protect it and lastly the engagement can make products better. 

I believe this to be true. When companies build up relationships between their brand and with customers from the beginning, customers will then return the favor. They will become loyal. Customers will talk about the products and try to encourage their friends and colleges to try the products. If the relationship is really strong, the customers will stand up for the product when negative things are said. The true loyal customers will also help make products better, which will then start the process all over with new customers. This is something all companies want and need to improve. 

I know I have left reviews on products on company's websites and have gotten personal emails back from the companies. I knew they were personal because they felt bad about a problem I had with the product and gave me a variety of ways to fix the problem. Then a couple of days later, they checked back in with me and see if the problem was fixed and everything was good. I am now loyal to the brand and will recommend it to other people. I will also defend the brand if I hear something negative about them. The company was making sure I was engaged with them and so I became loyal to them. 

This cycle truly works. I can personally vouge for it. As soon as more companies understand the cycle, they too will improve their customer engagement which in turn will improve other areas within the company. 

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