Saturday, August 29, 2015

First Truck Tug

Since Ohio Northern University (ONU) is in the middle of farm country, a common thing to do on a Friday night and on the weekends is to go to the county fair. I mean who does not want to go to the fair for the delicious fair food. It is the one place you do not want to go to if you are on a diet. Everything is deep fried and just melts in your mouth. Perfect food for any college student. So, me and a couple of friends went to the Allen County fair, which is about a 20 minute to 30 minute drive from school.

Well it just so happens, the night we went, they had something called Truck Tug. Basically two pick-up trucks are put together by the hitches in the back by a steel bar thing. The drivers of the trucks will then start gunning it in opposite directions when they see the red flags waving . Whichever truck has more power in their engine and or wheels and pulls the other truck past a mark wins the round. It is loud and exciting for anyone who has never seen anything like this before. You do not see something like trucks pulling against each other in the city. You may see quite a bit of road rage, but not drivers doing it for fun.

I took a few videos during the Truck Tug, below is one of the good rounds during the whole event.

Going with friends from ONU made the fair way more exciting. They made the atmosphere fun and I do not think I ever stopped laughing. All the side comments made during the truck tug because they knew trucks made it fun and even more exciting.

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