Sunday, August 30, 2015

Is Facebook Old?!?

I was in one of my other classes here at Ohio Northern University called History of Technology. The class is about how we went from using bones and rocks to the technology of today. The teacher was going around asking what social media are we on because social media counts as technology. Well, I told my professor which social medias I am on, and he stopped me when I got to Facebook. He looked at me straight in the eyes and said, "Wait you're on Facebook!? Facebook is old!" Now this professor is at least twice my age or older. Facebook was not even invented when he was my age! How can he say, Facebook is old while I am still on. I mean, all my friends still use Facebook. I hear people say in passing, "I'll look for you on Facebook!" Facebook cannot be old if I am still using it because I do not think I am not that old. I mean, I am still in college. My grandparents are what you call "old". The comment he said stuck with me throughout the whole class period. I could not get the comment out of my head.

Then I thought about what he said when class was over. Facebook is starting to become less popular in the generations below me. The younger generation are more interested in Twitter, Instagram and other sites. So maybe for my generation, Facebook is starting to get old. I will never see Facebook as "getting old" or out of style though. I will continue to use it for keeping in contact with family and friends, finding trending news stories and something to look at while I wait for time to pass.


  1. Facebook may be a little bit older than a lot of other social media outlets but I think it's still very relevant. There isn't another outlet like it so in order to keep in touch with people it's necessary. I don't think Facebook will ever become obsolete unless another social media outlet is created that serves the same purpose and allows individuals to keep in touch with others in that way.

  2. Jessica,
    I really enjoyed reading this post, and want to look into the class you are talking about. As millennials all we know is social media reverting back to our Aol instant messaging days, to myspace, to Facebook, and so on. Today there is no question that generation x has made their presence on Facebook known. What may be old technology to one generation isn't always old to another. Its imperative that we discuss things like this, especially in the digital marketing and PR world we live in today. Great blog, thanks for sharing!