Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Facebook Memorials

So in a earlier blog post I talked about my uncle who passed away. Well my uncle had a Facebook account. He did not go on it much but shared a few funny posts to me and other family members. Well the topic came up of what to do with his account. My grandma had all the information for the account because she kind of shared it with him.

We were talking to a family friend and they were saying that we can turn the page into a memorial page. I think my family just decided to just close it down.

I just think it is a really cool thing that you can turn a Facebook page into a memorial page for them. People can continue to share stories about that person and just keep their memory going. I will be honest that my family does not need that to keep someones memory because with my family nothing is really forgotten. Mostly embarrassing stories, but still they are never forgotten. Back to Facebook memorial pages, people can post old photos or just things that remind them of the person. I think the pages also help with dealing with the lost and can support each other. Memorial pages should maybe be created a little more just for the family and friends, it could really help.

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