Sunday, October 11, 2015

Skills and Learning for the Future

Part six in the novel Share This talks about the skills and learning needed in public relations for the future. As I read this part, I payed close attention to this since I am a public relations major. 

I agreed with much of what was said. In PR, there are so many skills that is helpful to know and it is good if you learn them. I am of the age that knows social media fairly well. When new ones come out, we learn them fast a decide if they are worthy of continuing and make them popular. When You go into a company, you can help decided which social media is worth going forward in for the company. That could be an important skill to bring. 

Another thing is that the skills that are good are ones that I use almost every day. I tell stories either on social media or to friends, I create what goes in the story and I decide on how to share it with every one. 

With learning the skills and important information that will help in the future is another thing. Every year something new comes out that could benefit us once we get out in the real world. However once I graduate, there will always be  new things coming out. So I agree with the novel that it is important to learn the important basics there are in the PR world. People also need to demonstrate what they want in public relations people. If the companies really show the learning that they think will benefit their company could help us that are still in college. 

Maybe soon there will be no more new skills to learn and all that there is to learn about public relations will be in schools curriculum's. However the world is always changing so there will always be new skills to learn. 

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  1. Jessica- As a future public relations professional, it is important to keep up to date on trends and movements. “Share This” makes a good point when it suggests to learn the basics of PR. You need to have a solid foundation in order to be successful in building mutually beneficial relationships. Being well rounded and adapting skills such as social media and media relations are added bonuses. The public relations field is constantly changing and evolving to keep up with today’s society. With that being said, public relations is a unique field to be entering in the future.