Tuesday, October 27, 2015

KIND Snacks

There are some Ohio Northern University students, who are members of the True North PR firm, who are participating in a KIND snacks campaign to promote eating healthy snacks and to be kind to our bodies. KIND is a wholesome brand that creates great healthy treats and is also hoping to make the world a little kinder with one snack at a time.

This group of students are doing many different things to get the students here on campus to get involved. One way which they are getting students involved with a selfie challenge. Students can win a gift card to our bookstore by posting a selfie with a KIND snack product.

The students are also going to various sport teams and dance classes on campus. The students are leading stretching classes and talking about how KIND snacks are a good healthy snack to eat in between classes. Her is a Facebook post of what one of the students part of the campaign did. She went over to the football team's practice and showed them how to be KIND to their bodies. She promotes other students to join in and to help post what they do using the hashtag #KINDbears and also to use the social handle @KINDSnacks.

I know personally that I have enjoyed eating some of their granola bars. My personal favorite is the Madagascar Vanilla Almond. My boyfriend loves spicy hot food and his favorite is the Roasted Jalapeño. After looking at KIND's website, I never knew how many different granola bars they had. I am looking forward to going our and trying more of them. I also noticed they sold more than just granola bars and can not wait to try those too. I am always looking for a good healthy snack that I can eat on the go in between classes.

I hope the students reach many more students on campus, I am sure that many are looking for snacks that are healthy and taste really good. 

Keep up the KIND mind.


  1. Jessica,

    I also saw Megan's post about the football team. Due to a lot of student being involved in varsity and club sports, involving the football team at Ohio Northern is a great way to get the word out about KIND bars and what they strive to do.

  2. Jessica,
    I have only tried a KIND bar once, and I don't think I liked it that much, but if you say Madagascar Vanilla Almond is good, I'll take your word for it and try it. You mentioned your boyfriend loving spicy food, do they have a KIND bar that satisfies that crave? I'm interested to find out.