Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Return of a Social Media Site

Around my sophomore year of college a new social media came out and it was called Yik Yak. Basically is it a site very similar to Twitter with limited character count, but the twist is that is is completely anonymous. Also the 'yaks' (posts) are from people only in your area. No one knows who it is that wrote the post unless it is an inside joke between friends.

Well sophomore year every one was on that site. You would here people taking about a certain post and maybe them trying to figure out who wrote it. People said it was nice because it could be comforting to post stuff that may be bothering you or you have a secret you just cannot hold in anymore. I have seen many of those secret post when I first joined in and used the site.

Another interesting thing is that you can up-vote (thumbs up) or down-vote (thumbs down) a yak. If the yak got five down-votes, it was removed. So that means that if it was not exciting or something that was very negative and could offend people, it was removed. That was a safe choice for the company in my opinion.

Well towards the middle of second semester no one really used the site anymore. It was almost like it fell off the face of the Internet. 

Recently, I heard some people in my class talking about it again. So I thought it made a comeback which I thought was interesting. Usually when a social media site goes out, it goes out. It is like what happened to MySpace. I do not know anyone who still uses that site. Yik Yak some how beat the odds.

Well it did sort of in my opinion. I have noticed that most of the yaks are written by freshman. I know freshman are writing those yaks because it is mostly about wanting to know where all the parties are and most mentioned the freshman dorms. Classic things freshman talk.

Maybe its making a comeback or maybe as you get older you stop using it and the people younger than us are finding it to be the best new thing. 

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  1. That's a really good possibility. I know my junior year is when it really took off. Lately I just scroll through it without posting which may be what a lot of people do. The fact that it is local is really nice as I've seen a lot of people asking about missing pets and phones.