Sunday, October 18, 2015


This weekend was a calm relaxing weekend that was much needed after midterm week. However most of my midterms got moved and will be taking them all this week. I was able to do some homework, but I am still having a hard time after the loss of my uncle. 

Well today me and my boyfriend went on a nice hike and found some really cool things and discovered something that has probably not been looked at by many people over a good time period. It was a beautiful day and since it is fall season the hike was wonderful. 

We went down this steep hill and found a river that was nice and relaxing. There was plenty of little frogs and toads hopping around and even some small minnows swimming in the river. Me and my boyfriend talked about bringing some lawn chairs with us next time and cast downstream and go fishing. That could be something fun after a stressful week of school. There was one interesting thing we did find at the river that we both did not know was in Ohio. We found giant clam or maybe muscle shells. I have never seen ones that big.

This one was bigger than my hand.
There were so many every where by the river. The tiny frogs were even using them as little things to sit in. 

By far though, the coolest thing we found was an old bridge. It was falling apart like crazy. The bridge is 87 years old. Now you are probably wondering how I knew how old it was. No there was no plaque telling us the story, the bridge told us. 

Me and my boyfriend were saying that no one probably knows it there besides the animal. From above it looks like one with the land. You do not know it is there till right at the edge and almost fall off. Under the bridge though it was clam and made some really nice photos. 

Those in my opinion are some pretty cool pictures. My boyfriend joked around saying the spot could be interesting for senior photos. 

The hike really calmed me down and was much needed. Its been a long time since my last hike. It was also such a lovely day and a perfect way to end a weekend.Well now its time for my midterms, papers and meetings. 

When is Thanksgiving Break again?


  1. Jessica,

    I am glad that you had the opportunity to enjoy a fall day and go on a hike. I love being outside, especially taking walks and hiking. It is a great way to clear your head before all the stress starts to try and consume your life. The pictures you took are really cool and interesting. It's not everyday that you get to embrace nature and enjoy life, especially with winter around the corner. It's important to remember to take each day as it comes. Good luck with all your exams and papers this week!

  2. Jessica -

    From your pictures it looks like you had the perfect day for a hike. Unlike on Saturday, on Sunday it was actually a decent day out, though I can't say I made it outside as I was busy doing work inside. Talking walks is a great way to clear your head, and I hope it helped. I can definitely say that a walk thru the woods, without my phone, would probably benefit me. I am glad that you were able to enjoy the scenery, and thank you for taking the pictures, it really brought you walk to life. Good luck this week, you'll do great!

  3. Jessica,

    I am glad you you were able to enjoy a surprisingly warmer day and go on a hike. The pictures are gorgeous and I am sure do not do the scenery justice. Going for any sort or walk, hike, or run is something I have always liked to do to clear my hear or relax. Good luck on your studies this week, you will do great!!!