Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving Break

The past week and weekend were Thanksgiving Break. It was a nice break from school, which was a very much needed. I still had homework to do over the break, but at least I had a whole week to do it.

This was also the first family holiday without my uncle. It was a little tough to not hear him joking around and jokingly give me nuggies every time I walk past him. I tried to stay strong for my family and keep them upbeat and celebrate his life. My grandma did set a place for him at the table which was touching and tough to see.

While we were finishing getting things ready for the dinner, my mom and I decided to take a picture together since we were matching. My grandpa had something else in his mind...photobomb us. We could not stop laughing. We never expected him to do something like that. He surprises us all the time.

Over the break, we also went to a Polish music and dance show at the Playhouse Square in Cleveland. It was cool to hear some traditional Polish Christmas carols and see some dancing in clothes that are traditional from the areas. What is funny is that my grandpa is the only one of us who understands Polish a little. The rest of us maybe know one or two words. We did not understand though most of the songs because they kept them in Polish. We had fun with it though by trying to figure out what they were saying. It was a great way to spend some more time with family.

One of the last things I did before heading back up to school was to help my grandma set up the village under their Christmas tree. I have helped my grandma set it up since they moved here from Arizona about eight years ago. A train that my grandma had when she was a child still goes around the village. This year I did not help because my grandpa wanted to set it up. I still had fun setting it up. This year, I made it look like a mountain was at the base of the tree. My grandma thought it was very cute. I cannot wait to go home for Christmas break and see the village with the train going around it.

When I got back to campus, I brought Christmas decorations back with me. I decided to decorate my boyfriends place since I am there so often. I put lights on his window, put tensile and some ornaments in his room. My favorite decoration, though, is the three-foot tree in the livingroom. It even has a tree skirt and an angel on top. The tree makes the room so much more festive for Christmas. 

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