Sunday, December 13, 2015

Trending on YouTube

A quick little article was written about the new trending tab on YouTube. The tab is for videos based off of their algorithm that will go viral. The list is updated regularly and everything is considered on why those videos will become viral. 
Now I think this is interesting. This is making me wonder if it will get the right videos that will go viral. Everyone has different taste so not all the videos in the trending tab will actually go viral. Also, I wonder how many people will actually enjoy using the trending tab. People like to think they started a viral video because they found it and showed it to their friends. In turn, the friends show it to other people and it slowly becomes viral. 

I do believe this is a good idea and will become popular, but at the same time, it just shows how much more we are becoming dependent on social media and technology. The question is, do we really need a trending tab on YouTube to show us the videos that will become viral or can we not just decide for ourselves. 

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