Monday, August 29, 2016


Hello, everyone! I am back at it, blogging for a class, but I do not mind because I have learned that blogging is a fun break. Especially since this year is my last year at Ohio Northern University.

That's right, I am a SENIOR!

When did that happen? I am excited but also nervous to be a senior. I am excited because that means no more school and I will get to be an adult. I am nervous because I will have to become an adult and face the real world. However, I will face that chapter when it gets closer to graduation.

I had an awesome summer! I was an intern at National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). Specifically the Greater Cleveland location. It was a great internship filled with lots of experience and meeting a ton of great people.

This summer was also filled with some adventures. For example, I got to go to the Columbus Zoo and got to feed a giraffe!

The last time I was at the Columbus Zoo I was around the age of 8. Going back during this summer was a great blast! I also was able to go with someone special, my Fiance! We had a blast a geeked out over all the animals and just having fun together.

Enough about this summer, let's get back to being a senior. This year at school I also get to live off campus. I have two awesome housemates! Plus the house is filled with animals. There are two cats, Luna and Boo, a dog, Mazey, a guinea pig, Gizmo and two African Dwarf puffer fish, Harley and Davidson. That means, if I get overly stressed, there are plenty of animals to cuddle or watch them being weird.

Well the first of classes over so that means things are about to get crazy with projects, events, and making sure I get everything done to graduate.

Here is to the start of senior year!

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