Monday, October 3, 2016

Fall Routine is Back

I believe ever since I came to Ohio Northern University, when it hits fall season, my routine is the same. I start wearing hoodies nonstop, even if the weather is till a little warm for them. I want to stay in bed and read a good book with an endless supply of hot tea, and many other fall habits.

One of my favorites is going to Suter's, getting a gallon of apple cider, going through the corn maze, and picking pumpkins. This year is special because they are celebrating 128 years. Now that is a long time to be using the cider press to make the best apple cider I have ever had.

Another fall routine that is always fun is late-night Waffel House runs. There is something about going to Waffel House around 9 p.m. that makes the food taste better and the atmosphere so much fun. This late-night run was after seeing the movie, The Magnificent Seven, which was an awesome movie! I was feeling a little cold so I ordered some hot chocolate to warm myself up. The waitress knew exactly how to make a perfect  cup of hot chocolate.

This weekend, I was also able to pick up a new read and was addicted to it within the first three pages. The new book I picked up is The Girl on the Train. 
It is really good and cannot wait to see how the movie is compared to the book. 

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