Monday, September 28, 2015

I Learned a New Social Media

This week I learned a new form of social media, and that was Twitter. I will be honest I have only used Twitter once before this. I had a class and the teacher wanted us to live tweet in class about the subject we were learning. Basically we were copying statements from our notes and putting them on Twitter. We even had our own hashtag (#) so the teacher could go back and see if we were live tweeting.

This weekend though we had to live tweet a homecoming event. I did the football game. It was hard to live tweet the football game because once you finished one tweet something else would happen on the field. Which then made the tweet you just did almost irrelevant. The it was hard to keep the tweet under 140 characters. That is all you are given!

Ohio Northern has many Twitter accounts and one is for all the sports. I do not know how they are able to give so much detail with such limited space. I re-tweeted some of their tweets just so I could have some more information about the game that I may have missed. For those of you who do not know what re-tweeting is, it is when you take someone else tweet and basically copy and paste it. I think that is a simple way of putting it. To be honest I still do not get Twitter and I am part of the generation that lives off of Twitter.

There was actually another for of social media that I learned which is called Storify. It is a cool website that allows you to create a story using your tweets, Facebook post and more. I created one for the football game. It turned out really cool. You can see all the tweets in one place and do not have to go searching for them. You can see the Storify story here.

After this weekend I did discover two things. One is that I am not a huge fan of Twitter. I just do not fully understand it. The second is that I will have to continue to learn Twitter because it could be a great benefit skill to have in the future. Here is to learning how to tweet!

I did notice after the weekend, Ohio Northern University did not post much about homecoming weekend. There was nothing posted about who won from the court or about the many activities that were going on around campus. A few days later some post were made about somethings that did happen. Those were manly posted on the multiple Facebook accounts. Their Twitter accounts however did not post much at all. I found out more information through friends about what all was going on. It's ok ONU, all us students and our social media skills got your back.

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  1. Jessica- I remember the good ol' days when I too did not understand Twitter. Shoot, I a mstill learning something new every time I log on to it. That does stink that you basically had to dive head first into using a social media app for the first time, especially with you being graded on such. As you hinted towards the end, you definitely should continue to learn and grow on your Twitter abilities. The app is such a great "gateway" into things like networking and marketing which could potentially open many more doors for you in your future. .