Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Share This!

In the first part of Share This it talks about social media. There was a statement in the book that caught my eye while reading it. "More that 70% of the internet population uses social networks in one form or another" (Page 3). Wow! That is incredible but I bet the number has increased. The number probably varies every single day. Think about that, more and more companies are joining social networks, people are created accounts and vise versa and the day-to-day use changes everyday.

Social networks are becoming the way that people find out information, participate in discussions and just to connect with family and friends. Now back to when our parents were our age, they never thought anything like this would ever come about.

Companies are using social networks to get what they are doing out there. People then can see what the company is doing and keep updated. It is no longer you have to fin out that information through the papers or word of mouth. Just go up on the internet and into some social networks and there you go, all the most relevant information.

Companies are also using social network to broaden their networks to other countries. Finding new customers or even new locations to put out their products. Social networking has become a vital tool in our society of today.

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